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PVC Pulverizer Machine

The Navconic by Neelam fabricators since 1990 is specialist manufacturer and exporter of Pulverizer machine, Navconic Pulverizer machine is use to make plastic granules into powder form. PVC pulverizer machine suitable for pulverize PVC granules, pvc scrap flakes and also all type of pvc polymers

PVC Pulverizer Process

The PVC pulverizer machine process is the granules load to hopper, the granules move to pulverizing mill through Vibro feeder it convert into powder form, blower will suck the powder from pulverizing mill and forward to cyclone and through Airlock valve it move to Vibro shifter for separate fine powder.

Key features

  • Navconic pvc pulverizer having heavy frame structure, install in minimum space, Multi bearing long life housing, Effective blower, well designed cyclone, Multi meshes vibro-shiter and HCHCR steel grinding disk give long life high output.
  • Single man operating machine
  • High output with low power consumption
  • Heavy frame structure with special lifting hooks
  • Long life Pulverizing/grinding disc/blade made from German quality HCHCR steel with specially hardening treated.
  • Multi meshes Vibro-shifter
  • Water cooling and Air cooling facility
  • Easy disk/blade setting system for require powder quality
  • Machine Operation/Control Panel with features over load monitoring and control, temperature indication, voltage meter indicate voltage, Ampere meter and material flow control.