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  • Rock N Roll Machine is simple, one man operated open flame type machine. Used for making large volume containers.
  • Mould is rotated frame and it is heated by means of open flame burners.
  • The mould is then cooled and product removed.


  • Rock N Roll Machine. Provide you wide range to produce up to 40000 Ltrs. capacity product.
  • Rock N Roll machine. Easily operating system comparing another M/c. Fully operating system through digital control panel.
  • Low cost more production.
  • Rock N Roll Machine. All motors are AC with speed variable drive so that you can control the minor & major speed through control panel. Smoothly running without any jerking Digital timer for Triple layer feeding.
  • Main frame made from heavy Mild Steel and tripodal supporting structures with all required accessories.
  • Open flame Rock N Roll Machine Process fully visual so that very less rejection chances of product.
  • Low pressure outside adjustable burners are designed for adequate use by operators with little knowledge & to ensure for effective burning, low consumption of fuel, trouble free services for long times. Its construction is simple but robust & no frequent repair is necessary. Also flexibility to change from gas fired to diesel fired system.
  • Higher production, less break-down & maintenance.

The rotomoulding machine model provides by Navconic is NFRNR 2000 & NFRNR 10000. It has the capacity of 2000 & Upto 10000 Liters in cylindrical, erect or flat Mould. The machine has 10 & 22 nos. burners and fabricated with M.S. having one shocking motor and one rolling motor and main gear of 3" and rolling motor of 1.5" one.

Open Fired Rock N Roll Machine

The machine are most suited for production of large tanks. Machine is a single station bi-axial rotational moulding machine with single U arm. U arm is serious duty and supported from both side by attitude housings. Rock n roll machine for Water storage tank, Rock n roll machine, storage tank machine, biggest tanks and Rock n roll water tank machine exporter and rotomoulding machine specially for largest tank


Rock n Roll machine is appropriate for large size cylindrical vertical container and other similar products. This machine can also be used for roto coating of products.

Open Fired Rock N Roll Machine Accessories

Branded company starter and rotary switches.

Technical Specification : for machine upto 2000 Liters.

MS LPG pipe Line, Pressure Valve, Pressure Gauge.

Control Panel of rotary switch With Digital volt meter amd MCB.

Motor from Branded Comapnies.