Rotomoulding: Shared knowledge for a stronger industry

Rotomoulding machine also known as rotational moulding is a method of manufacturing used for the production of hollow products. Many industries are widely adopting it due to its easy usage and enormous benefits. Rotomoulding machines have a huge demand in markets like the medical industry, agricultural industry, leisure crafts, etc.

The rotomoulded industry has a wide range of product-generating abilities with its desired shape and size. Over the years molding industries have been developed a lot with many advances, new types of moulds, materials & machines as well have been designed. But, roto moulding machines have the ability to outperform very well delivering superior quality and high performing products at competitive rates. As compared to other competitive machines like blow moulding machines, injection machines, extrusion moulding machines roto moulding is quite better and is operated at low-cost delivering a better rate on investment.


The most important factor while having mould for this technique is that mould should have a cavity sufficient enough that raw materials are able to flow smoothly. This hollow mould allows raw materials to get attached according to the shape of moulds once the raw materials stick evenly to mould surface walls. Also high heated raw materials being used, mould should be always of better quality to resist that heat and reaction. So in most of the cases, moulds used are Aluminium or Steel.

Raw materials used in this process are in powdered, granular, or liquid form which gives the best output. Raw materials like Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) & High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), though are widely used in roto moulding technology, other materials like Polycarbonate, Plastisols, Elastomers, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Polyvinyl Chloride, Nylon are also few other materials used. Usage of raw materials mainly depends on the type of final product to be produced, budget, shape & size of the final article.


Rotomoulding technology has been becoming more and more advanced over the decades, this technology is in huge demand by various industries having so many benefits and delivering superior quality products at competitive rates.

Industries like Agricultural Industry, Automotive Industry, Packaging Industry, Furniture Industry, Water Treatment Industry, Construction Industry, Sports Industry, Toys & Leisure Industry, General Industry, etc.

Products from small-sized bottles to big automotive wedges. Rotational moulding has the capacity to create products like plastic water tanks, rainwater tanks, diesel fuel tanks, steering wheels, pallets, containers, manhole inspection chambers, traffic cones, poly furniture, poly shelters, refrigerated boxes, drums, barrels, noise wall pannels, other such customized designed products.

  • Relatively low tools costings.
  • No welding closure.
  • Large productions relatively at low competitive rates.
  • Large productions relatively at low competitive rates.
  • Large productions relatively at low competitive rates.

  • 3 - Arm Bi-Axial Machine by NAVCONIC
  • 4 - Arm Bi-Axial Machine
  • Close Oven Rock & Roll Machine
  • Open Fired Rock & Roll Machines

Each one of them playing important role in their respective types of products.


Raw material in powdered form or in liquid form is filled inside the mold.

The mold is then allowed to rotate bi axially while being in the oven.

As the mold is rotating the powder inside melts and gets coated evenly on the mold of the wall.

The mold is then cooled down till the resins harden into the desired shape.

Then the mold is removed and the hardened part is separated from the mold.