Know ‘Easy’ & ‘Efficient’ Moulding Technology

Moulding machines majorly used for producing workpieces like moulded parts, core boxes, moulded halves, etc. There are many types of moulding processes to form any product into the desired shape based on moulding machines as well as materials used. Products made out of moulding techniques can be customized to any desired parts, shapes sizes from tiny moulded bottle caps to large automobile wedges. Moulding process being flexible, it gives a wide range of quality products with superior finishes making many industries to adopt this machines. Also, moulding technologies have seen to be very efficient at low cost giving better output which has raised its desire in the industries as well.

Many industries like Pharmaceuticals, Foods & Beverages, Plastic Industries, Building & Construction Industries, Rubber Industries, Steel & Aluminium Industries, etc are depended on moulding machines having a great amount of importance & end benefits. There are many types of moulding machines available in the industry depending upon their functions, raw materials used in the input, desired end products, etc creating their own significance.


Injection moulding machines generally create high-quality three-dimensional products which use polyethylene mostly as its raw materials, where resins are allowed to meltdown into molten form, after which these molten plastic pellets are then injected into the clamped mould through nozzles of these machines. After molten plastic is filled into all the cavities, the mould is allowed to cool down to get the plastic its desired shape. After this moulds are opened up to release the formed plastic material which has taken the desired shape of the mould components.

Injection moulding machines are mostly used for products like Plastic bottle caps, PET preform, Other plastic materials like plates, spoons, cups, etc.


In this process, a dye is used instead of conventional moulds, Plastic materials are extruded through this two-dimensional hole of the dye after which this material, will automatically take up the shape of the dye. The longer the extrusion time is it helps to create much more uniform extruded material products of desired shape & size.

Extrusion moulding machines are mainly used for the productions of plastic pipes, plastic rods, etc.


Blow moulding technique is generally used to create hollow objects, where plastics like polyethylene are used as raw materials. In this process plastic is heated till it converts into molten, then it is injected into a cold mould. This mould has a tube fitted into it to get its desired shape when cooled down. So basically when plastic is molted, the air is blown into the tube where the plastic is formed around the tubing.

Blow moulding industries are used mainly for products like piping, milk bottles, etc.


Rotomoulding machines, also known as rotational moulding machines or roto casting, which is widely being used in the industries. In roto moulding machines material used is mainly metal like aluminum for creating hollow articles which give desired excellent and quality finish. In this process machine is hollowly heated while the mould is charged with raw materials which are in liquid or in powdered form, this material gets roasted slowly and sticks to the wall of the mould evenly to take desire shape of the products. Unlike the injection or extrusion moulding process, in this process, there is no pressure required into the moulding.

This moulding technique is widely used as this helps to create a wide range of products of desired shape & size range to create a wide range of products like water tanks, containers, refrigerated boxes, combo bins, barrels, toys, leisure products, etc

There are many types of roto-molding machines available such as 3 - Arm Bi-Axial Machine, 4 - Arm Bi-Axial Machine, Close Oven Rock & Roll Machine, Open Fired Rock & Roll Machines